Fleur De Mer Vitamin ABC (20%) Pack - with Free Sunscreen

Fleur De Mer Vitamin ABC (20%) Pack - with Free Sunscreen

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This amazing pack is full of vitamin goodness with 3 full size Vitamins serums plus a free sunscreen to bring your skincare routine to the next level!

Fleur De Mer Advanced Vitamin A Serum – pump bottle 30ml- This intense serum helps skin renew itself and function normally and reduce the appearance of damaged older skin. This serum rapidly releases pure and active Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin E Ester) below the skin surface converting skin enzymes into the active form of Vitamin A also known as Retin A. Therefore the skin can counteract the skin aging process providing a more youthful appearance. UV damaged skin, fine lines and age spots are visibly reduced. It’s antioxidants properties ensures that the skin cells stay healthy.

Fleur De Mer Vitamin B co+niacin serum – 30ml Pump bottle- The high concentration of Vitamin B components and Niacin make this one of the most powerful serums for keeping skin in a good healthy condition. When treatments are not providing the results that you want this serum is highly recommended. Working well to help prevent many skin conditions this is a great serum to add to your daily skincare routine.

Fleur De Mer Vitamin C 20% – 30ml pump bottle- A milky white serum to be applied to all skin types once a day. Only apply a few drops onto face and if necessary include neck and chest. This formula is 20% concentrated vitamin C.

Please read the individual vitamin descriptions to understand the precautions of using Vitamin A,B & C and always apply SPF50+ daily when using these Vitamin serums.  

Fleur De Mer sunscreen is SPF 50+ with vitamin E.

This new product comes as a very soft white cream. It is a very much improved formulation with improved feel and
immediate absorption and a tested non-reactive fragrance approved by all who tested it.

The combination of Octocrylene, 4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor, Butyl Methoxy Dibenzoyl Methane, Phenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic Acid and Oxybenzone ensures the very high SPF 50+ which remains even after 4 hours of water immersion. It is also Broad Spectrum and Water Resistant.
Vitamin E (Wheat Germ Oil) : A very important addition. It has been proven that the sun not only causes melanomas, other skin cancers, pigmentations, premature skin ageing, etc, but also destroys the DNA in the nuclei of our skin cells. This DNA is vital for our immunity against all types of diseases including some skin cancers. Vitamin E is an antioxidant which reduces erythema associated with UV Rays, neutralises free radicals and therefore prevents DNA damage. It is also a nourishing skin emollient and extremely valuable in a sunscreen.
Thixotropic Cream : On application it thins out, spreads and absorbs easily. On cessation of spreading it stays fixed on the skin giving prolonged protection with no whitening. Its texture is generally considered better than the leading brands. Initial testing proved wide consumer appeal, repeat purchasing potential and satisfaction with all its properties.