Sincerity Skin + Dark Spot Lightening Serum

Sincerity Skin + Dark Spot Lightening Serum

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Brown melanin can be stimulated in the skin causing discolouration form sun exposure, hormone therapies and skin ageing. Sunblock’s are essential every day for protection in skin care & medical intervention if necessary, maybe needed.

APPEARANCE AND PROPERTIES: Medically formulated with higher concentrations of the Enzyme Papain which gently dissolves away superficial dead skin cells where applied. This creates faster absorption and localisation of the more concentrated & proven lightening and whitening ingredients which leads to a quicker and more effective result. Results can be often noticed in 2-3 weeks if correct application and usage is followed.

PAPAIN: Lightly exfoliates the skin allowing for quick effective absorption of the whitening ingredients.
HEXYL RESORCINOL: One of the most powerful non-toxic tyronsinase inhibitors ever reported. Increased lightening of the skin in 28 days. Also gradually reduces dark spots.
NIACINAMIDE: Increases hydration & proven to reduce brown melanin in the skin making it clearer.
LICORICE EXTRACT: Helps fade, prevent and disperse dark spots in the skin. Inhibits melanin production in our skin by producing the enzyme Tyrosinase, so over a period, the skin becomes lighter in appearance.
TITANIUM DIOXIDE: Slight but instant skin whitening and sun protection.

APPLICATION: Apply on a clean skin after Lotion, morning and night all over the face and neck area, or where needed. Follow with your treatment cream, and SPF 50+ sun protection is essential for day use.

30ml pump